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Lobby / 1 F

The lounge space on the lobby floor is for all the guests who stay in Hotel MARUFUKU. You can choose the seats you like such as the table seats or counter seats with USB / socket for charging cellphones or computers. You can also bring in any food you like and enjoy the freshly ground coffee made by a coffee maker for free.

As you can see the screen(Tsuitate) from the middle part of the top photo, it is made by using “Fuzifu”, a kind of weaving cloth. “Fuzifu” dates from prehistoric Jōmon period and was widely used in making clothes. “Fuzifu” was once thought to vanish but then was miraculously found again in a mountain village in Tango, north of Kyoto. In Hotel MARUFUKU, we are always working hard on introducing the attractions of Tango which is also called “Kyoto by the sea" and the tradition and attractions of Tango are also arranged in our hotel.

In Hotel Marufuku Kyoto Higashiyama, we would like to introduce the appeals of Kyotango,

a region blessed with fertile land and beautiful sea in the Northern part of Kyoto.

Please visit "Kyoto by the Sea" homepage for more details.

English website is also available.

 Kyoto by the Sea  
HOTEL MARUFUKU・Japanese Tea Ceremony Room (Chashitsu) /1F

Japanese Tea Ceremony Room (Chashitsu) /1F

You can definitely enjoy experiencing the Japanese Tea Ceremony, surrounded by the good smell of the tatami in the Chashitsu on the 1st floor. Don’t miss the chance to give it a try.

Front Desk

Front Desk

In Hotel Marufuku, the staff who can speak Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese are always there;
therefore, whenever you are in trouble, please feel free to let us know.



The courtyard leading to the Japanese Tea Ceremony Room.


Breakfast:Western style
Breakfast:Japanese style

Our breakfast menu is just being renewed with bigger portion!
For the Japanese-style menu, not only the size of the fish is bigger, but we also prepare more fresh fruit and of course we use the delicious Koshihikari rice from Northern area of Kyoto.
As for the Western menu, we use bread freshly made from a bakery named Shinshindo, which is famous for its long history in Kyoto.
Please do not hesitate to enjoy a delicious breakfast in our hotel.

Hotel Information

Check-in / Check-out 15:00 (The Final Check-in: 23:00) / 11:00
Number of Rooms 29
For your comfort and convenience Tea Lounge / Lounge Bar / Non-Smoking Rooms / Fax/ Parcel Delivery Service
HOTEL MARUFUKU Kyoto Higashiyama

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